Media Highlights: "Rewriting Illness"

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“Benedict’s eighth book will mess with you–in irresistible ways….Benedict whips language around like a gunslinger … mesmerizing.”

Joan Frank, Boston Globe

“A master class in itself on writing memoir that is relatable, informative, shocking, funny, riveting, anger-inducing and inspiring.”

-Kate Feiffer, Martha’s Vineyard Times

“A fine antidote to anodyne cancer accounts…. A New York City cancer memoir informed by Susan Sontag and Nora Ephron.”

-Kirkus Reviews

“Elizabeth Benedict on the Motivational Mantra That Got Her Through Her Treatment.”

Interview/article: Parade

“The question of whether I’d write about my situation was not the most pressing matter on my calendar. Yet if a life interruption this dramatic doesn’t rise to the level of writing material, what does?”

-Elizabeth Benedict, “On Writing (and Rewriting) Illness,” The Millions  

“it was an opera of terror, medical mishaps, and interruptions for summer vacations. And I learned that doctors have their own language for telling us and not telling us what’s going on.”

Interview: Book Q&A’s with Deborah Kalb



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