On the Ferry, August 2023

Inside the tent at the MV Book Festival, August 2023

East Wing National Gallery of Art November 2022
Midtown lobby NYC September 2022
Blue lobby with green cones 2022
Lincoln Center Pool December 2022
Thailis in April – Polka Dots (Series)
Thailis in April (Series)
Thailis in April (Series)
Thailis in April (Series)
Through the Window at Flowers on the Park
Guard Looking Out the Window at Pace

Robert Irwin at Pace NYC April 202

Flowers on the Park 520 Amsterdam Ave. February 2022
Shadow Selfie with Bike

Central Park February 2022
Shadows in Sun March 2022

Group of Four Trees – Dubuffet – NYC
Scenes from a Marriage # 1
Morning in America, October 2020 (COVID-19 Month 7)
At Art Basel Hong Kong 2014
The Age of the Innocence June 2020 (c)
Standard Skyline, Miami (c)
Don’t Look at the Pink Phone
The Peaches at Treetops (c)

Spot of Tea (c
The MoMA Wall
The Front Stairs (c)

Brooklin, Maine (c)

Almost (c)
Books for Sale Amsterdam Avenue

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